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January 24, 2011

That’s right, it’s the Monday Morning Guest Blogger. Every Monday I’ll include a dream submitted to me by a kindly visitor to the blog. It’s great: you get a new perspective, and I get a chance to brew some weird new material. Please enjoy the following, submitted by my dear friend Aubrey. I simply copy and pasted the entirety of her email to me, so if you take offense to any of the following, know that it is not the perspective of the blog-owner, just one of the members of its adoring public.

Let the dream re-telling COMMENCE.

I just woke up 15 minute ago and frantically wrote this down. Then I thought about going back to bed, but it seemed like as good a time as any to get up and do things. Apparently my sleeping brain really wants to travel…

I went to the childhood home of my twin best friends because the had invited me on a trip to England with their family, and they were flying their house there, so they could invite as many people as they wanted. I doubted the aerodynamic suitability of a house, but I am not one to pass up a free trip. The living room had been converted into an airplane cabin of sorts and we were all there for take-off. I sat between Laura and Jen, and we waited patiently to arrive at our destination. After a while, I went to the kitchen because I was hungry. I ate some Oreos, but several of them ended up on the floor. I felt bad, but I didn’t clean them up. Keith was making a hot dog, so I made one, too. I wanted mashed potatoes on my hot dog, as well as more hot dog, but Keith got mad at me when I cut the tip off of my second hot dog instead of slicing it the long way. I was very excited about this hot dog, but at some point I put it down and lost it, which was sad. I went back to the living room/airplane cabin.

At this point, Laura and I realized that 1. the fasten seatbelt sign was off, and 2. we were in a house. She ran to her old room, and it felt like we were breaking rules. Her dad was in the other room, and I was afraid he would hear us and we would be in trouble. Laura flicked on her computer, and started surfing the internet. I didn’t think this was possible, but seeing shew as doing it, I didn’t think it was a good idea in a flying house.

That said, I didn’t fully believe that we were flying in a house to England, but I looked out the window after a while and saw that we were in Japan. Why would we be in Japand on our way from the US to England? Oh wait, it’s okay, it’s London. I’m a spaz. We landed, and decided to get dinner, but their mom was concerned about how expensive it would be to feed us all. First, she suggested some “Sonic-type-food,” but then in the end we decided to eat at the house before going into the city. I thougth about how sad I was that I lost my hot dog, but someone handed me a pizza stick (a la school lunch) and I was cool with that.

There was another storyline in this dream that involved another friend having a painful condition that prevented her from coming on a previous beach walk with me. On said walk I saw ewoks and otters, and it was just very cute in general. I was sad she missed it.

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