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handless drummer

January 27, 2011

I’m ashamed to say how annoyed I was that Pete woke me up this morning to hug me, because I lost SO MUCH of what I considered some pretty interesting dreams. All the weirdest bits have left me (except maybe the air aquarium), but I am left with some vivid images out of the night’s events.

1. At a party with my grandmother at her house (maybe Christmas or a birthday). Everyone sitting around in chairs, talking loudly, but it’s clear my grandmother does not remember certain people or events. She gets very angry about something. People start dancing. It is a wedding. My aunt applauds me for putting my grandmother towards the center of the room, so she won’t sit quietly alone all night. My grandmother falls over in her chair, cracking her skull open, but for the few minutes she has left to live, she remembers everything.

2. I am running through the streets of a city in Spain. They are preparing for a giant papier mache festival, but all the sculptures have fluttery paper bits on them, so everything looks like a pinata. They are gigantic pinatas, 15-20 feet tall. I wander into an open shop that is actually a big garage, where the artist is making a huge blue sun pinata, with rings of different shades of blue. I then remember I am being chased. I run into the artist’s house, and he takes me through all of his rooms, explaining each one in detail. Then he tells me to hold my breath and we walk into the aquarium room. I couldn’t tell it was filled with water until he shut the lights off and there were glowing fish and eels all around me. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, so I inhaled. It felt just like regular air. I found it extremely odd, so I held my breath again, this time moving towards the “breathing” bubble he indicated when I needed to breathe. This was all well and good, but the person who was chasing me was actually chasing the artist, and the chaser walked in at that very moment. I swam to the top of the room (through air. so…flew?) and opened an attic door to crawl out. I ran and ran through pipes and sewers but the chaser caught up with me. We exchanged a short conversation. I am fairly certain something bad happened, but I can’t remember, as this part of the dream is fading very quickly. There was a lot more, I know, because it was a long dream.

3. Pete and friends descend a staircase, each with a different costume on his head. Pete’s costume wins: it is an old snowshoe that he has taken apart and turned into an octopus “Davy Jones” (from Pirates of the Caribbean). He is wearing it on his face, and there are many pieces of thin curled wood that are the beardly tentacles.

4. Pete is at a function, or a band practice, and he has no hands. He has drumsticks attached to drumstick mounts on his arm stumps. He has to practice first on “air drums.” He is still quite good, but occasionally loses the beat. Everyone forgives him, because he is a handless drummer.


I suppose in the end I’d rather sacrifice a few bits of dream to get a morning hug. So, okay, fine. Worth it.

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