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(k)nightly visions

January 28, 2011

I’m feeling pretty accomplished already today, because I took frozen chicken out of the freezer to thaw. It’s more than I can say for most days. Additionally, I have worked out my plans for Monday’s class, I have posted documents to Blackboard, and I have chatted with both my sister and father. Later, I’ll be taking my grandmother to her doctor’s appointment. Finally, a day I can feel good about.

Last night was a fitful sleep, but I remember four or five knights that were trying to capture me. They were able to transform into other animals, but mostly they stayed in their armor. The armor was rusty and ill-fitting, and they made a lot of noise when they ran. Even though they were after me, I didn’t feel too frightened, because they were very easy to hide from. I think I ducked behind a toddler at one point and they ran right by without noticing. Their helmets were more or less rusted coffee cans with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth. They had small heads.

The knights were running around throughout the dreamscape, in the background of all the other things that were happening. At one point it was my wedding, with Betty White featured as my grandmother. She was very funny and adorable, as Betty always is, and many guests came up to me to compliment my choice of grandmother. I didn’t find this odd at all, and just kept saying, “Oh, thank you!” Finally, I turned to leave, because I had to teach a class that day. Betty assured me she could keep the crowd entertained for a few more hours, so I left happily with that knowledge.

I got to my classroom after a few near-misses with the knights, but in the middle of my lesson I realized I was the only one who cared. I tried to re-engage them by talking about Betty White, and that seemed to do the trick.


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