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February 9, 2011

Not sure why, but for the past few days, I’ve been having a hard time holding on to dreams long enough to write them down. This morning I had a fleeting memory of a vivid dream that dissipated seconds later into a foggy case of morning munchies (when you wake up totally starving for no apparent reason).

Here are some things I do remember:

Teeth. Blood. Maybe bloody teeth. Eating. Food fight. Yellow.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to make sure that  I keep my notebook by my bed so that I can write down everything I remember immediately. Because I’d been doing such a good job of remembering things long enough to get to my computer, I had stopped noting it down by hand. Clearly, this new method doesn’t work as well as I’d thought it would.

I wish you could see me writing down my dreams in the morning. I wake up on my stomach, reach out my right hand and grope around in the dark for my notebook and pen. I strain to find a blank-ish looking page, and scribble away, usually with my eyes partially (or mostly) closed. My hands get crampy pretty quickly, which means the quality of the handwriting decreases dramatically after the first couple paragraphs. By the end, I am abbreviating everything possible, pretending to be P.G. Wodehouse. Later, when I transcribe them after breakfast, I wonder why I can’t just remember them long enough to avoid the handwriting process altogether.

Still, the mental world of the dream is physically tied to the action of my hand, and thus, the words on the page, which get re-absorbed later by a different part of my brain, and then transmitted to wordpress. I like it: it’s akin to links in a chain. Or maybe, links in a sausage.

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  1. Aubrey permalink
    February 12, 2011 8:48 am

    When I have a really good dream I hop out of bed and hurry to my computer, repeating key scenes in my brain (sometimes out loud) like a phone number I’m trying not to forget. I find that a lot of time by getting down these key pieces I am able to fill in the middle bits with details (a lot of them bubble to the surface while I’m thinking of other pieces of the dream). I only have about 1 really good dream per week, though…

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