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February 14, 2011

Dark dreams on the M.M.G.B. today. We can once again thank our friend Aubrey. Enjoy!

I don’t know what was going on in my dreams last night, but it was very dark… lots of hiding and death. I don’t know if this is blog quality/appropriate, but it was weird… I had 2 or 3 distinct dreams, waking up fully in between, but there is a fear theme throughout. Also, my dreams tend to have funny details, even if they’re pretty scary.

I am a teenage girl, and a soldier of some sort. I am bunking with several other girls in what seems to be a train car, and it was number 33. I remember this because I had t go to the laundry room at the end of the car, and they had lost all of my laundry and replaced it with a pair of men’s underwear and some pant-cuffs (I don’t really understand what that means). When I return to my room, everything has shifted. I am no longer in a “bunk” but is a room more like a proper bedroom, which I share with one other girl. We are no longer soldiers. We are wearing long flimsy dresses, a red layer over a gray layer, and at some point I have acquired a diamond necklace. I am NOT supposed to own diamond necklaces, or anything nice. (The atmosphere is a bit like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, if you’ve read it Editor’s note: I have! Highly recommend!). I start searching frantically around the room for a place to hide it where it won’t get found, because if “they” find it, they will take it and I will be punished.  I hide it and move it several times, and my roommate tells me that I should hide it in something that is older than 3 years old, because they are less likely to look there. I try to hide it in a children’s toy on the bookshelf.

Dream Shift

I am at a fancy event, with several friends. I don’t know if it’s a wedding, or something else, but we are in a beautiful big house, and I am younger than I am in real life. As we are leaving, a man arrives in a weird clown T-shirt. I don’t trust him. This is a smart move as he is trying to kill us, although he seems really jovial about it to start with. Some people run down the street away from him, but a friend (who I will henceforth call Friend) and I run across the large yard, and I realize that he is running toward us. He is not interested in the others, just us. I run as fast as I can, and somehow find a children’s shovel. It is maybe 4 feet long, but the handle is very thin (less than an inch diameter) and it is a spade, not a snow shovel. I have no hope except to run towards him with this “weapon” and try to defend myself. I hit him with the shovel, and he fell down, but laughing. I hit him until I knew he wouldn’t follow us, and we ran away.

Dream shift

Friend and I have found a safe location to hide in some basement somewhere, and are playing Super Nintendo. We are playing this really bizarre game where you are in this world full of zombie babies (and toddlers, I guess), and the goal is to try to get them to kill themselves (by lighting themselves on fire, for example). Friend was very good at this game, but I was put of by it. Suddenly, the murderer from before comes in, but is very non-threatening. Also, he insists he is not the same person. I am wary, but I still have my shovel. Within a few more minutes, 2 more of the same man come in. Slightly different t-shirts, but I am terrified. Clearly they are not all the man who was trying to kill me before, but I was absolutely sure that one of them was.  Friend actually believes at least one of them, and takes a liking to one. It’s time to go home. I run away, because I’m afraid of these guys, but Friend now trusts one of them, so I have to leave her behind. (As I’m writing this, I feel bad about it, but Dream-me had a lot on her mind.) once I am a safe distance away, I duck into a construction site, and find a place to hide. At some point along the way I had met up with a boy I knew in high school (henceforth: Boy) and he has come with me. While hiding, I see Friend stroll up with T-Shirt Guy. I quickly explain the whole story to Boy, and as I finish it becomes incredibly apparent that Friend has really bad taste in men, and the T-Shirt Guy that she chose to trust WAS the one who had tried to kill us before. Boy defends us, and Friend climbs into my hiding space. I pull out my shovel and throw it to Boy, but I am really scared that I have put another person in danger. Boy is much more efficient with the flimsy shovel, however, and the murderer dies quickly. It’s time to go home.

There are a few dream moment that are extremely vivid, but I’m not entirely sure how they fit into the rest of the dreams, but I thought they were worth noting:
– At one point, friends and I are looking at an extremely large and stylized map of Seattle. Someone asks be “How long do you have to drive down 24 to get to the neighborhood called ‘Gaymont.'” I told them I didn’t know, and started calling out places where I thought it might be.
– We watched a music video of No Doubt’s “Spiderwebs” that was filmed in Seattle, and I got really excited.
– I am supposed to clean my room but all I want to do is eat powdered sugar from a box and watch cartoons. I am disappointed that there is no powdered sugar in my closet to eat.

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  1. Coco permalink*
    February 14, 2011 8:29 pm

    Is Gaymont real?

    • Aubrey permalink
      February 15, 2011 4:44 am

      No, and neither is highway 24. It didn’t stop ether or them from being on the map though. There IS a neighborhood called Fremont, which is sort of young and artsy, but I don’t think it’s, like, the area where all of Seattle’s GLBT population lives.
      Also, as a note, at the end when I said I wanted to eat powdered sugar out of a box, I meant a box like a large shipping box, and I imagined eating it with a small shovel or a bulk-food scoop.

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