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February 23, 2011

The only thing I woke up with this morning was the faint memory of a  couple of sketchy dreams and the strong urge to roll back over and sleep some more. That doesn’t happen to me too often–generally I like to get up and at ’em when the day breaks. But, with the warm cocoon of blankets and Jack Frost’s nip in the air, the mornings have been leaving me  hankerin’  for more sleepy time (and I don’t mean the tea). As a result, I remember fewer parts of dreams. I know you can understand my predicament!

 From what I can recall, I’m visiting my sister, who lives in a small shanty at the bottom of a dirt hill. I can’t remember why, but we wind up in a fist-fight at her doorstep, surrounded by large woodland creatures (wildcats, bears, elk, etc.). The image of a bobcat licking its teeth, waiting to pounce, is another strong visual. I see the scuffle from the inside and the outside; it’s like I’m watching a movie and living it simultaneously. From the outside perspective, I can see what I am wearing, and it’s going to sound hideous, but I promise it was divinely gorgeous: a long white gown (presumably a wedding dress), so soft and silky you could swear it was sewn of huge white feathers, until you realize it IS made of huge white feathers. My attention is immediately drawn to the gown, the train essential a downcast plume, similar to a peacock’s tail when it is not erect. My sister’s clothing is a blur, the reason we were fighting is  a mystery, the animals were a creepy audience-of-sorts, but the dress was amazing.

Bjork should have predicted my dreams. This probably would have gone over a bit better.

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  1. ally permalink
    February 24, 2011 2:52 am

    Haaaaaa we would fight in front of woodland creatures. It is because we have been talking about pocahontas and please, you know me, I love me some mythical crazy. Loves it. Loves the dress.

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