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another disappointing post

March 14, 2011

I have not forgotten my blog OR my resolution to be productive every day. There was a lot of family time that had to be had over the past few weeks, in addition to the usual work and on top of a lingering chest cold.

What I’m saying is, I’ve been having some weird dreams lately, and I’m back. I don’t have anything lined up for any Monday Morning Guest Bloggers, so if anyone has a swell dream they’d like to share, jot it down and send me an email ( and you could be up on the blog next week!

On to my dream:

Last night involved my grandmother that recently passed away. We were in a dream version of her house, and it had a giant attic. All over the attic there were hundreds of blue shirts with white vertical stripes. The shirts were all identical, and they were all neatly pressed and hung on wire hangers. Some were hanging from rafters, some were hanging on hooks, some were draped over chairs (or laying on piles of other blue shirts). My dad’s siblings kept trying to get people to take some shirts because they wanted to empty out the attic, but with only one variety of shirt, nobody was taking the bait. None of the cousins were interested, and each of the siblings only wanted one (as a token of rememberance). After much pacing and sighing, the agreement was reached that the leftover shirts would be sold, resulting in an outburst of sobs from a small group of cousins and an aunt. This outburst was a game-changer, with everyone changing their minds and deciding that the shirts should just stay put, and everything would be as it was.

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