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genie bottles and haystack bullies

March 21, 2011

What is with outer space lately? Maybe I really think we should pursue that territory, in response to all the crazy happenings on Earth lately. At any rate, I had another dream in which a spaceship brings me somewhere (namely, space). This time it’s in the shape of an upside-down gemstone, like this. But instead of being red, it’s white, and instead of being clear, it’s opaque. It’s also a lot taller/skinnier than that picture, because the option to stand in it is available, though most people choose to kind of lay down in a fetal position. This is the ideal position for flying through space for two reasons: 1. because blasting off is nauseating, and 2. because the top is pointy and kind of uncomfortable, and at least on the bottom there’s some room to spread out. It also takes off from my grandmother’s shower/is a shower that converts into a space-faring vessel.

Following a quick, albeit rocky, ride out of Earth’s atmosphere and into space, we dock at a space station and depart from our cramped quarters. There are three or four people in the genie bottle/space ship/gem stone with me, but we all go our separate ways as soon as we hit our destination. I go to my living quarters, a small room with a single bed, a chair, and a dresser. I want to tell you everything was stark and white, because that’s what I actually imagine space stations will be like in the future, but it wasn’t. In fact, it looked pretty homey. Down the hall, I enter my grandmother’s house (or what I believe now may have been a facsimile of it). It’s my job to go through the letters and small trinkets that lie on her desk and bureau. It’s a sad job, one that none of us particularly wants (my father and sister are there, as well). We talk and discuss each item and its once-upon-a-time significance, then pack it in a box or throw it away. I want to keep something, but can’t bring myself to take any of the trinkets, so I excuse myself to the bathroom. I get in the shower/space ship (remember, we’re in a copy of her house, and not the actual house), and launch myself into another realm, with a docking station like I remember from the first time, and a room like the first time, and another copy of my grandmother’s house. The cycle repeats three or four times, so that by the fourth time, I’m in the fifth copy of my grandmother’s house, btu all I want to do is find a way back home, to the real one.


I’m at some kind of Chuck E. Cheese or Disney World (it claims to be the latter, but feels more like the former). There are ball pits and lights and games. I am definitely indoors, as there are also offices. In fact, I might be at the space station where I previously docked. I want to go inside some of the offices, but when I do, the animators shoo me out rather rudely. A female tour guide appears in the hallway, instructing me to stay with the group and not wander off. I explain that I really need to use the bathroom, and she permits me a small amount of time to do so. I go in, finding that all the toilets have a second toilet attached to them, so you can sit on one and see what came out in the other (there’s a little tube connecting them). I do what I need to do, watching the other bowl intently, but I only had to pee in the first place so it’s not very exciting. When I go to wash my hands, though, I press the button for soap and ketchup comes out. Disgusted, I go to the next soap dispenser and am confronted with the same problem. All around the sink “island” the soap has been replaced by ketchup. For some reason, I’m afraid to say anything out of fear that people will suspect it was me, so I just use the ketchup as soap without complaint. Luckily, a small child yells, “It was me! I put ketchup packets in there!” Relief sets in, then extreme anger, as I realize that this child is one I’m supposed to be responsible for.

Suddenly we’re outside, and the kid runs away from me across the street, climbing a hay stack in the distance. I think it’s a girl, though it didn’t matter up until this point. I recognize her girl-ness, and as soon as I do, a boy comes by and starts picking on her. I see from across the way that he picks her up off the hay stack and pushes her into a couple of trash cans that are standing by a fence. I run over to scare him away, and notice she’s only wearing one shoe and is limping. The boy has a look of fear on his face when I yell, “Look at you, you jerky jerk! You feel good about yourself? Does this make you feel more confident? You happy you can hurt people? Well, you’re an ugly little jerk!” In hindsigh, I’m not sure how that helped the situation, but he did go away. I help the girl to her feet and provide balance for her as we hobble back to the other side. “This is what happens–,” I start to say, but she finishes, “…when you put ketchup in the bathroom instead of soap.”

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  1. Courtney permalink*
    November 7, 2011 2:24 pm

    Just re-read this for the first time since March. Haha. Made me smile.

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