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the flood

April 1, 2011

I have been feeling really overwhelmed at work lately. I’ve tried not to complain too loudly about it, but yesterday was exceedingly painful. It’s not the work that’s overwhelming, it’s my boss’s managerial skills. Without saying much about it, the workplace has become a place of extreme negativity, and I think that’s what’s been spurring all these dreams on (yesterday’s, as well as some of my other more recent dreams).

Last night, I got married again. We were all outside, and there had to be about two hundred people sitting at the far end of a grassy lawn, waiting expectantly for the bride (me). Lyndsay, my cousin Bethany, my sister, and a few others were bridesmaids this time, and some carried large plume feathers instead of flowers, while others carried flowers (I was watching 30 Rock yesterday and there was a vase with feathers and flowers together, I’m pretty sure this comes from that). At any rate, I tried to decide whether I liked the flowers or feathers better, but in the end there was no time. My aunt reprimanded me for taking so long, because everyone was waiting. I asked her why I was doing this again, and she told me it was a special ceremony for all the people who weren’t invited to my wedding, but should have been. The first wedding I did was wrong: not enough bridesmaids, not enough guests, not the right kind of music. I saw the sense in it immediately, and began walking down the aisle. It was night time, and the lawn was beautiful. My bouquet was white, with a small white candle in the middle of it. Everyone held candles, it was like the stars had come down from the sky to celebrate with us (I had to add that bit of cheese because the dream was cheesey…it gave me that Lifetime movie feeling of everything being too perfect). As I reached the end of the aisle, I turned around. Everyone turned backwards, to where I had started my walk, and smiled, as though for a picture. We stood there for a moment, frozen smiles and flickering candles, until someone pointed out that everyone forgot their cameras and nobody had hired a photographer. I was disappointed, feeling like that would have been the best picture of my life.

I didn’t have long to brood, though, because as soon as we went inside for the reception, there came a great flood. The water rushed up to the windows and doors, seeped into the carpets, stained the walls. We all stood in front of a large panel of windows, watching in horror as the waterline inched higher and higher. The room turned into my aunt’s basement, and we rushed upstairs, trying to get to high ground. By the time we made it up, the water had reached the first floor, covering it with a layer of muddy slop. We trudged around for a bit, trying to save bits of things, trying to talk people into getting out of the house, trying to get my grandmother to find her purse and just leave already. But, it being a dream, we couldn’t.

The house turned into a wig shop/wedding boutique. We ran upstairs, where the woman who ran the shop was trying on some of her bigger, fancier wigs. We urged her to hurry, that the water was rising. We all went to the window. The house was surrounded by an ocean. There was nothing left except the swell and heave of oceanic activity, and it was getting louder, more intense. The situation became much more perilous. We cried, because we knew we wouldn’t be able to get out if we waiting much longer, but the wig lady held fast to her stuff. She told us stories about every wig, every tiara, every piece of jewelry and comb. We had to leave her there, babbling to herself, unable to save her and unwilling to just die there. We ran up another set of stairs as the walls buckled and the water poured down from cracks in the ceiling, the signals of our impending doom.

It was while we were running up that last set of stairs, into a dark and watery hallway, that I woke up.

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  1. April 1, 2011 9:02 pm

    awesome/chilling. i think you’ve spawned a new dramatic genre of dreaming. i’m calling it “dreama.” think of the dreamatic possibilities! melodreama! dreamedy! dreama queen! but seriously: great post. you do such a great job of showing some of the more obvious connections to real life issues, but then leaving some of the bigger stuff more open for reflection. so literary!

    • April 5, 2011 11:35 pm

      Literary, eh? Thanks, because I’ve been thinking that my writing is rushed and the connections are so obvious. So, you’ve made me feel better. And also you’ve made me feel validated, so that’s nice, too. Sad that I missed you the other weekend; can’t wait for babyp to grace the earth with his/her presence!


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