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3 new dreams

May 12, 2011

1. I am in a children’s library, looking for books for a child. The child is not with me, and now I can’t seem to remember who it was. Sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach from Glee, makes an announcement that the library is closing, so please bring all books to the check out desk, and make sure to wash your hands at a wash station. I find the nearest sink, wash my hands, bring my books up to the counter, and check them out. Sue ridicules me for my choices, and also gives me back my hat, which I had left at the front desk. She calls it a “gay hat,” and I call it a “bi-curious hat.” I leave.


2. I am in Spain with Pete. There is gorgeous warm sun, abundant citrus growth, and a row of small tables at a sidewalk cafe. We sit at one of the tables and shoot the breeze. A large group of people march by, who seem friendly but purposeful. Two of them break off from the crowd to talk to us. In Spanish (not sure if it was real Spanish or some Spanimagination language of my brain’s own creation), the woman asks Pete if she has ever met him before, because he looks very familiar. I smile at the woman and reply to the man, “Nosotros no conozcos a ninguna persona aqui.” I immediately wake up from the dream, and am impressed by my ability to remember the word “ninguna.” It makes me feel like maybe I should take up Spanish again.

I fell back to sleep, and then this:

3. I drive in to the parking lot of a convenience store, where I need to get $4.00 in cash. I walk in and am greeted by an old man and woman, who own and operate the store. They smile as I make my way to the counter. I notice that there is nothing actually in the store except the counter, which has mostly candy and gum at it. I put some gum on the counter and use my debit card to pay for it, asking for $4.00 cash back. The man looks at me doubtfully. He decides to just give me the $4.00 directly out of the drawer without processing it through the machine. I worry that it will affect my bank account, or that he will eventually call the cops and accuse me of stealing from him, as I have no written proof that he had given me the $4.00 willingly. As I turn to leave, a piece of gum gets stuck to the desk, and he makes me introduce myself to his wife (he already knows my name from looking at my debit card). When it’s time to leave, I have a sinking feeling that they are a sinister pair.

As for my extended absence: sorry. I’m back!

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  1. Aubrey permalink
    May 14, 2011 9:35 am

    I have been thinking about taking up Spanish again too! I have been teaching Mike some things, and his little vocabulary is growing (it started with just “gato,” “pantalones” and “picante” combined in different orders). We’ve been having a good time looking things up in the old English/Spanish diccionario. Voy a escribir una nota en espanol para ti! Winky Divers!

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