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pop quiz

May 21, 2011

I have been having a devil of a time sleeping lately. I just can’t seem to sleep through the night, I feel achey and tired all the time, and in general, my sleep life has been making me miserable.

Last night’s dream is a reminder that even in sleep, things are not always wonderful.

I was taking a final exam, which had all the look and feel of a Kindergarten pop quiz. It was a vocabulary test, with words taken out of popular magazines. You could collage the answers, if you wanted. The paper to write your answers on was regular white, but if you wanted to use yellow construction paper, more power to you. Here were some words I was having such a hard time defining:

1. Moment

2. Orange hamster (Aubrey was in my class and yelled out, “Even though Courtney thinks orange hamsters are the cutest, I really have to disagree!”

3. Sentence (I wasn’t sure if I should describe a grammatical sentence or a jail sentence. I cut out a picture of Kelly Rowland as someone who avoided jail to paste on to my test, but then I second-guessed myself).

There were many more random words (I think “uphill” was one), and I had to write all the answers in pen first, and then use puff paint.  I kept losing the page I was writing on, and would have to keep starting over again. Slowly, the rest of the class trickled out, and I was the last one. The teacher saw me flipping through the pages and thought I was cheating. She couldn’t understand what was taking so long, and finally told me to just hand in whatever I had, since I barely had enough answers correct to pass, anyway. I left the class with the knowledge that I had studied and failed. I felt annoyed.


In another dream that  I can barely remember, some girl was hiding in a bathroom stall, and I was in another one, and still another girl came to track down the first girl, and could sense her presence because the other girl had her period. It was scary.

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  1. Aubrey permalink
    May 21, 2011 5:56 pm

    Hahaha, just like me to call out and be obnoxious. However, since orange is one of my favorite colors, Real-Aubrey really has to disagree with Dream-Aubrey. Also, I like the idea of a collage vocab quiz.

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