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November 8, 2011

Gah, I woke up about 3 minutes ago and made my bed. As a result, the dream is already fading!

Last night I went back to college. At first it was because I had to–I had missed a vital class and needed to make it up. Because I wasn’t a new student, I worked at orientation instead of enjoying (well, as much as a person can enjoy orientation) it. I drove a bus from one side of campus to the other. In reality, my campus wasn’t big enough to warrant a bus, unless you were going from one campus to the other, and even then, it was only a mile or a little less away. An easy walk. At any rate, there I was, driving a bus, with a professional bus driver sitting directly behind me, giving me instructions. At some point, I was allowed to get off the bus and join everyone in the Green Mountain Dining Room (that’s what it was really called!) for breakfast.

As I walked in, I took a seat next to my old next door neighbor, who I had had a giant crush on as a 7th and 8th grader (he played electric guitar, so, obviously he was deep and brooding and therefore dreamy). I was surprised to see him because he was a brand new student. We caught up on some old time things, and then a group of young-looking people started filing in. I shouted, ” Wow! These kids are like 12!” but everyone shushed me because I was being extremely rude. They weren’t kids, but Little People adults. So, my old neighbor tried to make it look like he didn’t know me, and everyone kind of looked at me funny in a “How can you be so ignorant?” kind of way, so I went to my dorm.

Luckily, at the dorm I found Diana! She was already getting our room set up. We were sharing it with two other girls who were brand new students. She was telling them about Valerie Bon Jensen, a math professor at St. Mike’s who she had liked. I had only taken one math class and that seemed to be what they were curious about, so I couldn’t add much except to say that I didn’t like math. I decided to let them chat while I took a shower down the hall. The shower looked a lot like a regular house bathroom, with one shower and one toilet and one sink. I turned on the shower to very hot and climbed in. Once I got in, I realized my old neighbor was in the bathroom with me and wanted to talk some more, so we talked through the shower curtain about what I had been doing with my life, and the weirdness that we’re both married now, and why he decided to come to St. Mike’s this time around.

All the while, the bathtub was filling with water.  I think my hair was clogging it. I tried keeping my end of the conversation up while pulling frantically at the drain, trying to clear the blockage. Eventually I stopped talking so I could focus all my concentration on figuring out the drain problem, and as soon as I did, the drain got enormous. The size of a dinner plate, I’d say. It was terrifying. I didn’t know what was down there. I didn’t want to reach my hand in to a dark plate-sized drain hole. I could see that little bits were starting to come to the surface (bugs? food bits? I didn’t want to know). Where there had once been a wall, now there was not, so I got out the other side of the tub than I had got in and walked into the boys’ hallway, asking everyone about that drain. Nobody knew what I was talking about, so I just wandered back over to Diana and the other girls and resumed my conversation with them.

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