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squirrel hut

December 6, 2011

First, this just in: I have a second interview today and I am both nervous and excited! I think it’s going to go well. I have lots of high hopes. That job is mine (hopefully)! I don’t know how the expectations involved with interviewing led to the following dream, but it was the most vivid one I’ve had in a very long time.

Last night, my dream revolved around squirrels. More specifically, around a group of people who wanted to be turned into squirrels. 

My cousin, who in real life just gave birth to a lovely baby girl, was in the hospital, lying on a bed under a big “transmutation ray.” It was a giant machine that looked like scary hospital machines look in movies–white, the back of it jutting up about 30 feet in the air, with a giant base and a tiny little laser beam point, aimed right at my cousin’s head. The room was loud with the sounds of machinery and sporadic beeping. 

“I really need to do this,” she said to me, looking fierce and determined. Her whole family was standing around the other side of the bed, nodding in agreement. She explained that she couldn’t take care of her baby adequately as a human. There were bills she had to pay, and she couldn’t afford a home, and she needed a way to get away from it all. Eventually, she assured me, she would be turned back into a human. My other cousins (her brothers and sister), agreed that it was best, and they decided they would do it too; all the siblings and their families would live together as squirrels, at least for now.

The machine powered up with a giant surge, and in a moment, there was a squirrel sitting where my cousin once was. The squirrel was gray and could talk, and she bounced around happily. Everyone else filed in line for their turn to be squirrelified. I sat on a chair in the waiting room, looking for a suitable home for them all. I found one that was a doll house, but it was too expensive. I found another plastic container made for holding Legos, but it wasn’t homey enough. Finally, I found the perfect little home: a big plastic tree trunk with rooms, designed for children to open up and play with plastic woodland creatures (kind of like a giant Polly Pocket). It was only $4.00 in the IKEA catalogue, so it seemed like a steal. I showed all my squirrel-cousins and they were ecstatic. It was perfect! They all moved in, and I could see them claiming rooms and decorating the community spaces.

The other people in my family (who had not been turned into squirrels) heavily disapproved of their escapist behavior, and told me I was wrong to help. But at $4.00, I couldn’t say no! And they were so cute as squirrels! It was only temporary, anyway, I told them. But in my heart, I was a little sad. They would have all kinds of squirrel fun without me!

And that’s when I woke up.


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