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baby fever

January 26, 2012

I guess it’s just the season of life, but suddenly, everyone has a baby. And soon, some people will have more than one baby (will have “children,” if you will). It seems to be on everbody’s mind. Obviously, it is on mine, because I had a dream about yet another person telling me about her pregnancy last night.


In the dream, I walk into Brady and Emily’s apartment (which has a spiral staircase in the dream). Only Brady is there, arranging a big bouquet of yellow roses and baby’s breath. He is really smiley and animated, and keeps looking towards the staircase excitedly. He talks to me about everything, about  his mom, about how great life is, and I begin to wonder what has gotten into him.

The flowers all arranged, Emily comes trotting down the stairs, grinning like crazy.

“Um, we have some news, friend,” she sings to me. Brady comes right up behind her and hugs her.

“In 10-13 weeks we’re having a baby boy!” she exclaims with delight, jumping up and down and generally being more excited than I have ever seen her.

I squeal because I’m so happy for them, and start crying out of sheer joy. I tell them through my happy tears how they will be the best parents ever, that this is such a wonderful blessing, and that their baby is going to be so fun. We are all hugging and crying. I know that this is what she really and truly wants, and I can’t help but feel elated that she is making her life work in the way she has always wanted. I ask what they plan on naming him.

“Nicholas,” they say in unison.

“Wow, what a good, strong name,” I say (I don’t have anything against Nicholas, but I actually don’t really love it). But in the dream I really, really mean it.

They convince me to go to their college chapel with them for a special service aimed at pregnant mothers. Once we get onto campus I see this giant brick building at the bottom of a hill. Of course, that’s where we’re heading. We walk inside and everybody is there: Pete, Lyndsay and Dan, pretty much everyone I’ve ever met (including my boss from my old job). I sit next to someone who I don’t know very well, and Brady and Emily head up to sit in the front. I start gabbing with this person, and pretty soon the church transforms into a restaurant.

The manager pops his head around the doorway by the front of the church and yells and me for not doing my job. I get scared: what am I even supposed to be doing? The girl I’m sitting next to informs me that I’m supposed to be  cooking for a wedding. I don’t want to cook, though, so I take off from the church and head into an old barn, where Lyndsay is planning Kirsten’s wedding. I’m apparently late for the meeting, in which they are discussing what we should do about lighting options. I suggest candles and Lyndsay agrees: candles on everything! The caretaker of the building is nervous about all those candles in an old barn, but can’t disagree that it will be magical (if the building doesn’t burn down in the process of lighting them all). Then, in that moment, the candles all appear, and are all lit, and they really are beautiful. There are pillar candles everywhere: in candle holders, sitting on windowsills, on chandeliers, in beautiful lanterns. It seems like the wedding is about to begin when I run out of the building to go find…something. I’m still not sure what it is, because at that moment, I hear the unmistakable crunch of a chip bag (Pete making himself lunch this morning) and wake up.


OH! And about my new job! I got it. And I love it. It almost feels like cheating to go into work every day and make bulletin boards, update calendars, plan American Girl programs, and discuss how to make the best Valentines. But, it’s not. That’s really my real life and I’m so, so thankful. I work in the Children’s Department at a public library, and my days fly by. Come visit with all your babies!


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  1. January 26, 2012 2:51 pm

    Great post Coco! Baby fever has indeed spread throughout the land and is inching closer and closer to all your friends and you! Nuts! Love the dream – so normal for a dream yet dreamy.

  2. Emily permalink
    February 9, 2012 2:45 pm

    I love this. And you. So much.

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