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diapers, tomatoes, and bathrobes (oh, my!)

February 10, 2012

After another hilarious episode of 30 Rock last night I started feeling really worn out. We’re putting on a puppet show at work for an upcoming town festival and it’s very physical! Add that to the fact that I went to the gym last night, and I was pretty exhausted by the time 9:30 rolled around. Pete convinced me to go to bed, so I did. What I got was ten hours of glorious sleep, and about 5 or 6 dreams. Unfortunately, now I can only remember about 3 of them, and more unfortunate still, I can only remember quick bits of each one. 


The first: I’m at an outdoor farmer’s market, hanging around this one vegetable stand. Even though the rest of the market people just have carts and tables, this is a very large vegetable stand with a roof. Imagine a detached garage with two of the walls missing. Water pipes were attached to the ceiling with little sprays that came down over the vegetables, providing a nice mist every once in a while. It was not unlike being in the produce department at the grocery store. Well, somehow or other I got roped into working at this stand, and all I remember is that I turned the misting sprays off at one point, causing all the tomatoes to immediately shrivel up. When I turned them back on, everything got better again. The owner came over to yell at me, and told me to stop playing with the nozzle. If I could just leave the vegetables alone they would thrive.

The second: My cousin had a baby a month or two ago (in real life AND in the dream), and I dreamed I was changing her diaper (the baby’s, not the cousin’s). It was an old-timey cloth diaper that got folded into a triangle then pinned on the sides. When I was taking the dirty one off, I went to scrape it into the toilet but my cousin stopped me. “Just put it in the freezer,” she said. “That’ll make the poop freeze and then you can just pop it off.” So, I put the dirty diaper in the freezer and outfitted the baby with a fresh diaper while I waited for the poop to freeze.

The third: Sexy dream! I won’t say much except that it involved a thigh-length terry cloth bathrobe and an elderly observer.

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