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For years, I imagined a world with “dream projectors,” wherein everyone would understand what I was talking about when I tried to describe the weird ass crap that happens in my brain during sleep. It would work like this: the minute a dream starts to happen, an electrode attached to the dreamy part of your brain would activate, sending a signal to the projector to show whatever was happening in your head.  Friends would be amused, family probably horrified, but it would be possible to record it, and then you could see again just how freaky you really are. Sadly, these projectors are the stuff of, well, dreams.  

After regaling friends and family for years about the weirdness of my dreams, and occasionally hearing about weird dreams from others, the idea dawned on me (and my friend Lyndsay) to create a sharing dream journal: we’d each write about our dreams from the night before, then call and share the details. Everyone knows, afterall, that thirty seconds after the “I really need to remember this” phrase pops into your head, 90% of your dream has just about disappeared, only to be replaced by a faint sense of longing, and the strong desire to brush your teeth. So, writing everything down upon waking was a necessity. It’s a lot of work though, and the dream journal was quickly lost under my bed, along with a magic marker, a headless Ken doll, and a few dusty backpacks.

Now: I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for dream journaling, and after sharing said dreams with many an entertained guest, I’m taking my dreams to the masses.

So, what about the name? “Upstairs is gone,” is a phrase uttered by my husband in the depths of sleep. Upon waking, he told me that he had had a dream in which there was a pool of water beneath his childhood bed, but only he knew about it, because it looked and felt like regular carpet. I was amused by his dream, but more amused by his nighttime murmur, and adopted it as a symbol for all that is weird in dreamworld.

If you have weird dreams (real dreams, not something you made up just to sound twisted/dark/cool/ironic), let me know, and maybe we can work out some guest dreamlogging.

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  1. November 11, 2012 9:18 pm

    Fascinating blog and great concept! Following with curiosity! 🙂

  2. November 11, 2012 9:31 pm

    Thank you! It’s mostly an experiment, but also it’s really fun. 🙂

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